P H O N E  C A S E S

1. What are your phone cases made of? Are they protective?

Each Daebak Case is unique and needs to be treated as a piece of fine artwork or jewelry. Our cases are made of many materials; mainly polycarbonate (essentially, high quality plastic). They are protective to a certain extent; they will protect your phone from a short fall, but are not designed to encounter large impact. For a more protective phone case, we would recommend a 2-piece case or a silicone case.

Daebak cases are not for rugged use. In order to keep your Daebak case looking cute, colorful and clean PLEASE follow the case care recommendations: 

  • ALWAYS keep your Daebak case away from any liquids, at all times.
  • Constant oil or sweat from your hands may cause yellowing on clear cases.
  • Constant exposure to sun and heat may increase overall wear and discoloration to the case.
  • If your case is near chlorine pool water or ocean water it may increase color fading
  • Any contact with soda, juices or other liquids may damage the case.
Every Daebak case will have normal wear over time. Any direct contact to a liquid will cause immediate damage and potentially destroy the case. That would make you and us sad. Please take care of your Daebak case as much as we took care in making it. Thank you for your support!

2. Can I ask for a certain part of a design to be changed?

No, unless you choose to do so by custom order, which would cost slightly more. If you would like to provide us with your design, please click here.

3. Where can I receive updates with new designs, sales, phone case models, etc.?

You can find us on Instagram: @daebakcases

4. What phone models do you offer?

Click the design you like, then click "CASE MATERIAL" option to view the full list of material available. A list of phone models will pop-up once the material is selected. 

5. What are the different types of materials?

To learn more about the materials, click the "Case Materials" tab on the top of our website. Click here to visit the case materials page.

R E F U N D S / R E T U R N S

1. Can I get a refund/return? 
No refunds are permitted after the item(s) have been SHIPPED. Returns are only accepted if the product(s) arrive defective upon arrival. 
2. I changed my phone, can I exchange my phone case for a new one?
Unfortunately, no. Please make sure the phone model you choose will be the one you will use when the case arrives. If you ordered, the wrong model and the case is already marked shipped, we cannot do anything about it. However, if the case sent to you is not the one you chose, then we will happily send you the correct case for free. Feel free to keep the incorrect case as a token of our apology.
Note: Please make sure to double check your phone models and address before paying.


1. What payment methods do you accept?

Only major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. Please contact us if you need to discuss other forms of payment.

2. I am not from the United States and do not use USD currency. Do you accept other forms of currency?

The default currency is set to USD, however you may use the currency converter to view the prices in the currency of your origin country. All products can be purchased from any country with any currency, but you may see the numbers change back to USD during checkout. 


1. Do you ship internationally? How much is shipping?

Yes, international shipping is $5 and shipping to the US is $3. 

2. How long should it take for the package to deliver?

It usually takes us a week or less to create your phone case, but it may take a bit longer for custom orders. Depending on where you live, it may take 1-4 weeks for the case to arrive. Our manufacturers are in China, therefore shipments to faraway countries like Canada, Australia, and UK may take longer. 

F U R T H E R  I N Q U I R I E S

1. I have more questions that are not listed in this FAQs page. Where can I contact you? 

You can direct message us on Instagram (@daebakcases), email us at hello@daebakcases.com, or fill out the contact form



3D cases features designs wrapped around the edges of the case. The glossy case on the left has a smooth appearance, while the matte case on the right is more textured.
3D Cases



2D Silicone cases are more protective and have a white or black border.

2D Silicone Cases


2D hard cases are the smooth default options and does not cost any additional fees. They are available in black and white.
2D hard cases


Transparent cases are protective, durable, and allows for a more aesthetic appeal.

transparent cases



Leather cases have designs printed on the front of the case with pockets inside for cards. Design is only printed on the front.

leather case


2-Piece Casing 

This case offers the most protection. The silicone piece on the right fits into the hard matte case on the left, which offers double the protection. 

2 piece case

2 piece case interior

 Please feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns!